Comoedia Der Baron Wurstelsprung
ein Zum Edelmann gewordener

příloha Divadelní revue 26, 2015 · n° 2

Samostatná příloha představuje vůbec první edici divadelní hry ze souboru dochovaných českokrumlovských rukopisů – Comoedia Der Baron Wurstelsprung ein Zum Edelmann gewordener Strohschneider, kterou připravil a opatřil obsáhlou studií (německy) a ediční poznámkou Christian Neuhuber z Univerzity ve Štýrském Hradci.

Der Baron Wurstelsprung. Contextualization, Analysis and Edition of Český Krumlov Hanswurst Burlesque. The Hanswurst burlesques of Český Krumlov are an untapped treasure for the exploration of improvisational theatre. In the 1740s the burlesques were recorded for performances at the Český Krumlov castle. The extant texts shed an instructive light on the most popular German-speaking theatre of the time—Vienna’s Kärntnertortheater with its stars ‘Hanswurst’ Prehauser, ‘Bernardon’ Kurz or ‘Colombina’ Nuth. Up until today, we could only speculate about the qualities of celebrated impromptu play. Nowadays, the manuscripts—originally written for the aristocratic amateur theatre—allow us to examine the most important stage conventions: the specific use of language varieties, combination of action schemes, differentiation of traditional comic characters. The presented edition and analysis of Der Baron Wurstelsprung, one of the key plays, intend to evoke and re-experience the ephemeral nature of the impromptu play.

Christian Neuhuber (1970, Gmunden), senior lecturer at the University of Graz (Neuere deutsche Literatur). His research covers a wide range of literary production, stretching from the baroque times up to the fin de siècle, with a particular focus on the intermediality, philological editions, archival and theatre research. Currently, he is a head of the project “Dialect cultures before 1800” supported by the Austrian Scientific Fund FWF.